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Every project irrespective of size or complexity needs a customised solution and the experience to choose the right equipment and crew for the job. Our technical managers work with your team to plan and deliver the optimal mix of technology, crew and services to guarantee your event runs smoothly and without headaches.

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Projection mapping & media servers

Wow your audience with mind-bending visual effects – projection mapping allows video projecting onto any object or surface. Playback multi video files for spectacular effects – or how about a hologram that interacts with your audience?

Green screen

Bring cinematic effects to your event. A mini-studio with green screen can place your presenters right in the action and in the moment.

LED pillars

Live action, brand animations, logo sequences, colour kaleidoscopes – LED pillars add that WOW! factor to any stage.

Perspective Layering

For truly immersive and memorable presentations, the Avcom technical team can create a state of the art outside broadcast quality system right in your event venue – with live and dynamic video effects that would make Spielberg envious.

LED display

Bring your message to your audience with the brightest and most eye-catching display systems – for use in foyers, exhibition spaces and thoroughfares – be noticed!

Content capture / webstreaming

Reach an extended audience and broadcasting your event live on the internet, Twitter and Facebook, direct to your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Intelligent lighting solutions

Creative LED lighting transforms your event from normal to special. We deliver stunning colour and pattern audience effects, as well as providing comprehensive and continuous coverage throughout the space.


Put your brand or message onto any surface anywhere you like with a “Gobo” – a stencil attached to a powerful light or projector that shines anywhere. How else did the mayor get Batman’s attention?

Battery LED uplighters

These clever lights can be placed anywhere quickly and easily, and don’t require cables for power.


Get some fun into your presentation and engage your audience. Empower your presenters to connect with their audience through live polling and gain instant feedback on your event, sessions and more, using interactive key pads or audience smartphones and tablets.

Audience participation

With Catchbox, event professionals finally have a tool that helps liven up events while shifting conferences to be more about participation and discussion. Not only does the device make asking questions in packed rooms faster, but the simple act of throwing a soft cube breaks the ice and gets people talking.


With just a few pieces of clever technology, we can transform a one-way presentation into an interactive hands-on workshop – and get your message really understood.

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