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20,000 lumen HD *=(That's bright!)
Projection Blending

Whether it’s a presentation, a visual for a stage event, or an HD movie, you want the content to catch everyone’s attention. Avcom’s line up of projectors and 4K seamless switchers with state-of-the art processing deliver the high impact digital media needed for today’s events.


Your vision realised on a grander scale

Latest technology projectors, designed with small footprints and innovative liquid cooling systems, keep the noise level to a whisper during your event.

High production values

Analogue Way multi-screen 4K Seamless Switcher systems offer state-of-the-art processing, exclusive perspective layers feature and soft edge blending for seamless complex displays.

Clever configurations

Edge-Overlap creates a precisely aligned, unified image across multiple edge blending projectors for maximum impact.

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