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When “same as last time” just doesn’t cut it

Want to WOW your attendees and make your event more memorable than the last one they attended? We create, design and produce ‘end to end’ creative technical projects for busy events people.

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Event visualisation

Why? So you don’t have to understand technical drawings to choose exactly what you like and so you can hold us accountable.

Our creative production proposals include 3D renders of the design and 2D layouts in the chosen venue and every technical detail and cost required to deliver it.

Pre-production planning

Imagine if we only starting planning your event on the set-up day, you’d be stressed and there would be chaos behind the scenes.

Our project managers meet regularly with technical production, crew/transport scheduling and warehousing departments weeks before your event gets into full swing.

That way when we arrive on-site, everyone knows what’s expected, that’s how we deliver – above expectations.

Set-up & rehearsals

Delivering a stress-free reality for our clients, starts with a simple goal for our technical teams, be ready 1hr before required.

Rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals are the key to a seamless live event, and with the country’s leading specialist technical staff supporting you, the more we rehearse together the better the experience for your attendees.

It’s time

Communication is now key and with our team of technical specialists at the ready, you’re now set to deliver a flawless event.

The doors open, the attendees take their seats, it’s time to share YOUR vision.

7 steps to a successful event

1. Consultation

No matter what type of event, we start with your needs, objectives, vision and budget – we listen, we discuss and we suggest. We work with you to develop the brief into an inspired strategy, that becomes a memorable reality.


2. Translation

We use the word “translation”, as we help our clients understand what is required to create and deliver their vision. We are happy to take the brief and strategy, and turn the vision into reality by ensuring the best solution, with notes and plans that both the client and our technical team can understand.


3. Quotation

We provide no-nonsense and realistic quotations, broken down into understandable elements that provide you a high level of confidence.
We work best if you share your budget with us at the initial brief stage as we will always work with that in mind, and we promise to treat your budget as a limit and not a target.


4. Evaluation

We will work hard with you to make sure your expectations are met wherever possible, often delivering a ‘champagne event on a beer budget’. We work through your requirements step by step to explain the vision, the outcome and the effect on your audience. Even though we do hundreds of events every year, we know every event is special, and we treat it that way as part of your team.

5. Confirmation

Once we have confirmation, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the wheels are in motion, as we get to work, planning scheduling, designing – in order to deliver your perfect event.

6. Produce

We plan extensively internally to make sure nothing is left to chance. We liaise with you, the venue, the presenters, the entertainment, your other suppliers and any technical team where required, ensuring every box is ticked. We arrive on site with every last piece of kit, cable and connector (and spares) so the setup and operation go like clockwork. You can sit back and enjoy the experience knowing the best technical event specialists in Ireland are working on your behalf, and your audience will be informed and impressed.

7. Examination and Analysis

After the event we will contact you for your feedback and critique. Could we have done better?

But we usually hear is …. “thank you so much, you made me look good, are you free for the next one?”

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