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Enhancing the viewer’s experience

Our creative team designs and produces content, enhancing the communication of brand message and identity. We have worked for a wide variety of clients, producing content for virtual and live events, corporate, promotional, and social media.

Let our experts help you connect with your target audience.


Impactful Storytelling Through Video

We have two in-house broadcast-quality video studios and a video team that make the process simple, from initial discovery, through to filming, editing, and visual effects.

Videos for event opening experiences, product launch communications, or telling a brand’s story, make it part of your marketing mix.

Motion Graphics

By 2022, 82% of all internet traffic will be comprised of video views according to Cisco, many of which will be content marketing aimed at engaging audiences and compelling them to take action.

Studies have shown that video marketing helps businesses grow revenue 49% faster, and at AVCOM our creative team uses motion graphics to help maximise growth and fulfill your marketing goals.

Whether you’re looking for explainer videos or animated infographics to help with your online content or presentations, or if you’re looking to WOW your audience with large-scale LED graphics for your next live stream, our creatives have your back.

Virtual Event Platform Design

Leverage our creatives to customise your state-of-the-art virtual streaming platform.

We design and create a range of digital assets that integrate completely with the custom-built virtual event platform. From custom landing pages to WOW your audience from the first moment they interact with your virtual event, to live-stream motion graphics, virtual stage designs, and satellite stage designs, we’ll make sure the event is completely aligned to your brand across all digital touch-points.

We can also build 3D exhibitor booths that integrate seamlessly with our virtual platform. With linking documents, live-text capabilities, soundtrack overlay, and 3D animations all available, you give your exhibitors the platform they need.

Stage Design

We start by designing and bring your event to life in 3D, so you can look around your event and refine all the small details before you even think of getting to the site.

Not only do you have complete confidence and a point of reference to what we promise to deliver – key stakeholders are now able to review and understand the project without needing to wade through a mountain of technical drawings.

Creative Process

1. Meet

All projects start with a client meeting; where we understand the goals behind the creative project. This enables us to align the style of the work and the deliverables with your own brand and metrics.

2. Brief

Once we have all that good stuff on paper we pull together a document that we can reference back to, ensuring you have a complete view of the project and know exactly what we’ll deliver for you and in what format.

3. Discovery

From there we immerse ourselves in your world, looking at the eco-system your business operates in to fully understand how we can help, before deciding on a creative course of action.

4. Presentation

Here we present our findings and a solution that ties into the goals you want to be achieved.

5. Refine

Once you’re happy, we continue to work and refine the agreed-upon solution until you have artwork that’s ready for every format. From social media to LED walls, we cross-check and make sure every box is ticked before we hand over the final files.

6. Delivery

As simple as it sounds, here we deliver the files to you, your creative team, or our own technical team for implementation on your event. Thanks to our multi-disciplinary creatives, we can deliver the final artwork in any format you can think of.

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