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The Event Of The Future

This was held by Croke Park Meetings & Events and themed on New Insights, Ideas and Inspiration for Meetings & Events.

Starting with the event name and logo design, we created all the visual content. Our design team created animated logo loops, holding slides, motion graphic opening video and individual keynote videos and title blocks for each presenter.

We broke the ice with Catchbox. The simple act of throwing a soft cube microphone got people talking, shifting the event to more participation and discussion. was used to crowd source the questions from the audience during and after the presentations, so we started the Q&A with a list of great questions. Taking it to another level, live polls measured audience opinion and allowed the panellists to comment on the results live.

We staggered the layout of the display to allow backstage access for the presenters. The centre display was 6mx4m, two 1mx4m columns and single panels hung from truss completed the design. The tight pixel on this product provided exceptional display performance and smooth display image was realised shooting with 2000HZ refresh rate, fully meeting the demand of live feed switching.

Fixed and radio cameras mixed live and streamed the event around the world. Our hardware and software systems are designed to reach the audience in the highest quality, no matter where they watch.

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