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Our clients wanted to host something out-of-this-world for their 2019 staff party. They mentioned TRON and challenged AVCOM to design a completely unique experience.

The Challenge

With a futuristic, nightclub theme in place, we needed to bring it all together in a unified way that would flow across the entire space, from arriving into the foyer, right through to the main room. With over 1,000 people attending, we were challenged to maintain maximum floor space, while still delivering an impactful visual experience.

Coordinating across multiple departments and busy schedules, our teams worked tirelessly to find the best solution to make this event something truly extraordinary.

The Solution

To begin, we gave our client multiple, high resolution and realistic renders of what their vision of the event would look like. This way, our client could really get a true idea of what it would look and feel like, then decide if that’s what they wanted. 

Once the idea was set in place, collaborating with the client, we took a very hands-on approach by doing multiple walkthroughs of the venue to get an idea of what was possible. Our client was more than committed, meaning we could go for gold.

With the concept agreed, our internal departments were activated to seamlessly bring this vision to life. Our internal systems allowed us to scale up for this unique event and allowed all of our teams (account managers, technical production, scheduling, warehouse, graphics and video production) to showcase their expertise.

To create an illusion of being in the future, we created an exploding LED display and lighting effects and installed ATOMIC SuperStructures. Motion graphic content was created for all the visual surfaces with a bespoke custom-built media server.

Fun fact: Did you know 1km of cables were needed to connect the LED elements of the exploded display?

The Result

We achieved exactly what our client was looking for and when she arrived, she was blown away, saying it looked exactly like the 3D renders!

As guests arrived out of the lift, they were suddenly transported through time into a futuristic underground rave. From the foyer area to the walkway, straight through to the main space, it was clear that this was a holistic, immersive and inclusive experience for all.

The guests were greeted with a glass of champagne and then embarked on a journey through the walkway made up of custom-designed ATOMIC modular columns.

DJ’s dressed like Daft Punk played all of their hits behind a custom DJ booth made up of ATOMIC SuperWalls, too. And as they continued on, closer to the main space, the experience amplified.

In the main room, floating LED displays and LED pixel mapped lighting effects were set above the audience throughout the space. This exploding, colourful content made everyone feel closer to the action and heightened the experience. The projected logo on the far side of the stadium was visible through the glass windows and added an additional touch.

Bespoke content was created for the specific performances so each act had a different look and feel. The main stage entertainment was performed by Riff Shop, which consisted of a DJ, drummer and saxophone. The next set followed another DJ who entertained the staff until the early hours.

Our team of talented technical specialists are looking forward to creating more WOW events like this in the future.

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