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The biggest night in Irish hairdressing, hosted by television presenter and fashion designer Brendan Courtney saw Peter Mark stylists from across the country compete for the coveted title.

Technology Used

LED Display with access

The format of this event required models entering and exiting from the far end of the ballroom. Three sperate LED displays were set-up to allow stage access for the models while displaying high definition content. An AnalogWay Ascender switcher controlled all sources and displayed multiple configurations across the LED system.

Audio for an audience facing three different directions

700 staff attended this annual event and were seated in three areas facing the catwalk. The audio team supplied a line array audio system, including support fills and sub bases that provided an even coverage throughout the space for speech, music and video playback.

Staging solution

With multiple competitions and a large audience, we needed a catwalk that spanned the length of the room, so everyone had a view of the hair styles. We supplied a 28m long catwalk, with a 12m wide top in front of the LED screen and 7.5m wide T end for the models to turnaround, all covered in white vinyl and finished with a white surround.

Generic and LED Lighting

A balanced lighting solution was required for this event, we needed an even stage wash to highlight all the models and LED effects to fill the room and cover the stage in coloured lighting, adding atmosphere and complementing the audio and visual systems.

Highlights video below by Design For Life
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