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A global manufacturing company had 130 sales reps attending the last leg of a three location global sales drive. They required a modern digital solution for both the staging and content delivery.

Technology Used

LED Display

14mx4m Absen 3.9mm high definition LED screen that displayed full screen video, motion graphics and PowerPoint overlays.

Digital Staging Solution

Doubling up as the backdrop solution, the LED display delivered dynamic branded content throughout the plenary and breakout sessions, as well as different walk in and walk out looks.


Generic lighting fixtures supplied the stage wash required for presentations, Q&A and video playback. A mixture of Robe600 and Robe100 intelligent lighting effects units were used for walk up’s, lighting the additional scenery columns and draping.

Staging Solutions

15mx5m black carpeted stage Modular rental scenery columns were set-up to flank both the ends of the staging, creating an effective extension to LED display.

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