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2019 All Ireland Marketing Awards

What are the AIM Awards?

The All Ireland Marketing Awards programme, organised by The Marketing Institute of Ireland, is the nation’s premier means of recognising the success of Irish marketing professionals and acknowledging their major contribution to the ongoing process of strengthening the economy of our island.

The Marketing Institute of Ireland are clients that are always challenging us to push our creativity to the next level, and when they gave us the brief to make the All-Ireland Marketing Awards 2019 their most engaging and exciting event to date, we accepted the challenge with both hands.

Our aim was to create a flexible and immersive stage that would include the entire room. After many ideas, we settled on an LED tiled backdrop that would have edge-to-edge content, and relay screens in the far corners.

With the design settled, next was to produce a 4K resolution opening video, a seamlessly looping background, each category introduction, and then the reveal of each categories finalists so they could be introduced on before the eventual winner was revealed and welcomed on stage.

Using a wide array of software, from After Effects to Houdini, rendering through Redshift3D, we produced a full suite of graphics that were tested in our in-house facilities and queued in advance on our main and backup media servers.

The result was an event that delivered a creative and bespoke LED layout, and we can’t wait to be back in 2020.

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