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Live Event Production

AVCOM produce solutions for In-person, Hybrid and Virtual events. We have been helping businesses create events that aren’t just a series of ‘talking heads,’ but exciting viewer experiences through creativity and technical production.

Our mission is, collaborating to deliver flawless, creative, inspirational events that connect, engage, and transform audiences.


In-person, Virtual & Hybrid

We partner, collaborate and work with our clients to find the best solution to deliver their desired results. From Award Ceremonies to Conferences, Meetings to Product Launches, Outdoor Projections and Lighting, our experts have the skills and tools to Connect, Engage and Transform your audience.


Add the WOW with Custom Event Content

Creating content for events can feel like a daunting task. That’s where we come in. Our multimedia team designs and produces video, motion graphics, animations, and more, enhancing the communication of brand message and identity for your event.


Hybrid Events

There’s nothing new about hybrid. We’ve had hybrid events for decades. Millions of us participate in them every day. With hybrid, I can be in Dublin and still attend the global conference that’s taking place in Sydney. I can also be on vacation when the Sydney conference takes place but catch up upon my return by accessing the on-demand recordings.

Our horizons are expanding, and the events landscape, once limited to real people in real places in real-time, now comprises event formats that transcend time and space, providing organisations with exciting new ways to engage, connect and transform.

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