Crisp, clear, directivity and volume control on every event

With our technical knowledge and wide selection of specialised audio systems, including Nexo, Alcons and L’Accoustic, we have the complete audio solution for your event.


The expertise to deliver the highest quality visual productions

2,000 lumens to 20,000 lumen HD projectors, designed with small footprints and improved liquid cooling systems, keeping the noise level to a minimum during your production.

Absen 3.9mm A3 Pro LED Display is ideal for digital backdrops and multimedia columns. The tight pixel provides exceptional display performance and smooth display image is realized shooting with 2000HZ refresh rate, fully meeting the demand of live feed switching.


Analogue Way multi-screen 4K Seamless Switchers, offering state-of-the-art processing, exclusive perspective layers feature and soft edge blending.


40” to 80” LED HD TV displays for exhibition stands, event branding and relay screens.


Compact but uncompromising HD cameras for superb low-light performance, spectacular picture quality and multi-codec flexibility.


High spec computers with the latest presentation and video playback software.

Transform ordinary spaces into breath-taking environments

Bring your event to life with our cost effective and stylish tension fabric structures, modular panel backdrops and columns, making your event both memorable and a complete success.

Stunning colour and pattern effects

Creative LED lighting transforms your event from normal to special. Our team deliver stunning colour and pattern audience effects, as well as providing comprehensive and continuous coverage throughout the space.

We stock the new breed of high-output profile luminaire with superior light quality and efficient optical systems. Super-slim ROBE LEDWash & Beam, MAC Quantum & MAC Viper, extremely bright LED fixtures, faster and more compact solutions, cutting-edge LED technology.

Avolites consoles are packed with enough power for complex shows and represent the perfect combination of power and portability.

A wide range of dry hire equipment available for hire

Portable audio systems, wireless microphones, portable projectors, LED TV screens, Flipcharts, Battery LED lights & more, easy to transport and set-up.