Production Team

Avcom’s production team in our head office and our in-house hotel/venue locations are there to assist you on the technical aspect of your production. No matter the size, vision or budget, Avcom’s production team provide a wide range of experience, knowledge and an attention to detail, that makes us stand out from the competition.

  • key point of contact for your production
  • detailed production briefs & floor plans
  • attend site inspections & production meetings
  • ensure budgets are maintained and delivered
  • ensure continuity of service throughout

Catchbox – the throwable microphone for audience engagement.

Conferences and other large events are a great way for people from diverse backgrounds to come together and share ideas. Sadly, most of the time such events end up being boring and unproductive, with audiences left uninspired, listening to one way monologues. With Catchbox, event professionals finally have a tool that helps liven up events while shifting conferences to be more about participation and discussion. Not only does the device make asking questions in packed rooms faster, but the simple act of throwing a soft cube breaks the ice and gets people talking.

Live WebStreaming

WebStream your event and allow the world to watch it live on their computer, tablet or smartphone. Using multiple cameras linked to broadcast quality mixing equipment, Avcom can live stream to multiple streaming services. Live streaming is ideal for reaching out virtually to an extended audience and reaching those physically unable to attend: meetings, sales presentations, lectures, seminars, online training classes, product launches, conferences and other events alike. We can also brand the main screen so the event logo or client branding can be seen throughout the stream and integrates live with Twitter and Facebook.


Twitter Walls

A Twitter Wall offers a great opportunity to interact with your audience. You can ask questions on Twitter, get live responses, onlookers engage and you can moderate what appears on your Twitter Wall, placing you firmly in controls of the Tweets.

Interactive Voting

Empower speakers to connect with their audience through live polling and gain instant feedback on your event, sessions and more, using interactive key pads or audience smartphones and tablets.

  • Instantly capture opinions
  • Get real-time results
  • Reward attendees for participating

International Technical Production

Our production team also manage events overseas, taking the initial brief, designing the production, sourcing quotes from our local partners and managing the technical crew on-site throughout the production.

Previous productions: San Francisco, Washington, Dubai, London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Rome, Milan, Venice Copenhagen and Stockholm.