Wet Hire | Dry Hire

If you have a meeting and you don’t require one of our technicians on-site, we have a  range of Wet Hire / Dry Hire equipment to suit your needs.
Wet hire

We can deliver the equipment to your event venue, set it up for you and return to collect it when your event has finished.

Dry hire

You collect and return the equipment yourself from our warehouse in Dublin 18.

Popular Wet Hire / Dry Hire items include:

  • Projectors & Projection Screens
  • LED TV screens
  • Portable PA Systems
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Staging
  • Flipcharts and Battery LED lights.


From 50 attendees to 5,000 attendees, Avcom’s audio department has the technology to suit your event.

We stock Electrovoice, L’Accoustic, Nexo and Alcons line array systems to deliver the very best in sound reproduction.

Superior wireless microphone systems from Shure and single/twin ear wireless headset microphones from DPA.

Our audio department has a range of Shure, AKG and EV wired microphones for conferences and entertainment set-ups and wired Bosch DCN discussion microphones for small round table meetings.

Midas, Behringer and Yamaha digital and analogue mixing desks supply the very best- sounding and technically-advanced audio products available for your event.



A program of constant investment ensures we have the latest technology available for our clients.
Portable Projectors

Ranging from 2,000 lumens to 5,000 lumens, these HD projectors are light enough to move around to different locations, and bright enough to blow away your audience when you get there.

Large Venue Projectors

Our larger HD 12,000 lumen and 20,000 lumen projectors have been designed with an extremely small footprint and an improved liquid cooling system that makes it possible to keep the noise level to a minimum during the your production. Multiple projectors and Analogue Way switchers with soft edge blending can project a seamlessly blended image that delivers a high impact digital projection screen both indoors and outdoors.

Projection Screens

We stock a range of 16:9 projection screens, from the portable screen that will fit in your car, right up to an 18m wide surface that covers the 3 Arena.

TV Screens

40” and 47” HD TV Screens on 2m tall stands are used for exhibition stands, displaying event branding in areas outside the event space or PowerPoint content for small meetings.
We also stock 47″ Samsung LED HD 3D TV, screens with 3D glasses for those wishing to view their content in 3D.
Our larger 65” and 80” LED TV screens are used for event relay, branding outside the event and exhibitions.

HD Camera relay and record

Our compact but uncompromising HD cameras feature-packed semi-shoulder mounting camcorder delivers superb low-light performance, spectacular picture quality, multi-codec flexibility and it’s never been easier to record and share great-looking content with absolute confidence.

Computers & Video Playback

A large stock of PC Laptops with the latest version of PowerPoint and Apple mac Mini computers with Keynote, all supplied with solid state drives, maximum RAM and regularly updated to keep them at optimal performance for your production. We supply both QLab and Playback Pro Plus for event video playback.


Let Avcom be your creative partner for delivering an unforgettable look to your production. Bring your event to life with our stylish and dramatic staging options.
Pipe & Drape

Pipe & Drape is the most economical way to define a space. Avcom stock a large quantity of Black, White and Champagne coloured drapes and by adding LED uplighters it creates an extra dimension to the backdrop. See our showcase tab for previous events with pipe & drape set-ups.

Banner Backdrop

You supply the artwork, we print it onto a pvc material and then on-site we stretch it over a wooden frame. We can incorporate a screen opening and can add a screen frame in the colour of your choice. This type of backdrop is great for those productions where you want maximum branding. See our showcase tab for previous events with banner backdrops.

Flexiset Backdrop

Our ‘Flexiset’ rental system provides a backdrop wall incorporating framed projection screens in various sizes that can transform the space. The backdrop can be set-up in grey or blue with black screen frames. Adding LED lighting effects can colour the backdrop and gobos can be projected onto the surfaces showing colours and patterns. Ideal for both conferences and gala dinners, see our showcase tab for previous events with Flexiset.

Scenery Structures

We stock a range of custom and standard tension fabric products designed for the conference and entertainment  industry, ideal for adding that extra dimension to pipe & drape, Flexiset and bespoke backdrops. Can also be used in foyers, breakout rooms and exhibition areas. See our showcase tab for previous events with scenery structures.

Bespoke Builds

Though our various professional partners,  we can design, organise and supply a one of a kind event backdrop.


Our staging stock comes in 2mx1m or 1mx1m decks and heights ranging from 200mm to 600mm high risers. These stage decks can be used for lecterns, top tables, catwalks, camera risers and press stages.


Conference lecterns in covered in grey material, perspex and truss lecterns for awards ceremonies and fully branded lecterns for any event.



Ever important and always changing, stage and room lighting is the key component that turns your event from normal to special.

Avcom’s continuous investment in our lighting department includes the latest high quality moving lights and digital lighting products for the professional corporate and entertainment industries.
We stock the new breed of high-output profile luminaire with an exceptional feature set, superior light quality and a highly efficient optical systems. Our digital consoles perfect combination of power and portability are packed with enough power for complex shows and we stock all the truss and rigging to safely hang all our lighting, audio and visual equipment.