Corporate video

A company overview video is a great way to showcase all your products, services and staff. Videos can be displayed in your reception to potential clients, at trade shows, expos, conferences or simply added to your website. Avcom’s video production team filmed this Corporate Video over 1.5 days, capturing footage with HD cameras on tripods, hand held units, a phantom drone and GoPro Hero units. Two days of editing including client graphics and ticker tape text information across the video.

Highlights video

A short highlights video of your conference or award ceremony can be filmed, edited and added to your website. It’s also a great marketing tool for future events and sponsorship. This Highlights Video was filmed over two days, included vox pops interviews, cut away shots throughout the conference and exhibition space. A day and half editing, including top and tail graphics, lower third and titles.

Opening videos

Your conference or award ceremony opening sets the theme for the event. Opening videos that integrate animation and motion graphics in a seamless superior way enhance the audiences experience. Everyone know what’s in store, who’s presenting, who’s sponsoring, who’s up for an award and previous winners. This video was compiled over three days, our creative team sourced all the content, added motion graphics, client logos, titling and designed the theme for all the other media throughout the global tech conference.

Logo loops

Using the latest motion graphics software, our designers deliver High Definition 2D & 3D animated video sequences. Perfect for displaying your event logo or sponsors logos, displayed on large projection screens, on LED and TV screens in high-traffic areas throughout the venue. This Logo Loop video was completed in one day, included the event brand guidelines, the key sponsor logo and awards category sponsors logos.

Introduction / Agenda video

Introduce keynote presenters with engaging and visually impactful videos. A photo with their name, title and company logo can be displayed on any screen as they walk up onto the stage to begin their presentation. Animated conference agendas with sponsors logos, and advertisements can also be displayed on screens in in high-traffic areas.

3D Compositing

We can 3D scan an object, for example an awards trophy and create a motion graphics file using various elements such as, lighting effects, textures and movement.

Projection mapping

You find the building, we’ll map it and supply the content for projecting. We also project media onto scenery structures, along with LED lighting effects, that make any event memorable.


Let us create your slide master design, we’ll take your logo, colours and create a theme that will make you stand out from the rest.

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